Our story

In 2010, we started Open Capital Advisors to drive growth, enable investment, and transform markets across Africa. We have supported hundreds of clients to improve operations, define strategies, and achieve growth. 

Across more than 300 engagements spanning 20 countries in Sub-Saharan African, we have seen a consistent challenge - companies struggle to find the talent they need to enable ambitious growth plans. We faced the exact same challenge at OCA.

But we also saw so much raw talent - Kenya alone graduates 50,000 students from university every year. In response, we developed an in-house training platform to develop exceptional analysts, middle managers, and business leaders. Our approach has been so successful that it has driven our business to international scale.

Arcadia is our effort to bring the power of our talent development model to clients across Africa, who need it as much as we do. Arcadia recruits talented university graduates to build exceptional analysts and effective managers.

We provide talent to organizations through rotating placements so you have the right person when you need them most. 

Our mission

Develop the next generation of leaders

Arcadia develops high-potential graduates into high-performing professionals through intensive skills training, broad business experience, and cohort-based learning.

Provide talent to drive growth

Arcadia enables organizations to achieve their goals, providing high-quality talent at critical times to ensure talent is never a barrier to growth.